Precision drawbenches are always used when the application can be covered for economic or technological reasons with a combined drawing machine. This is the case, for example, when special profiles, hollow profiles and tubes with plugging are to be produced. Drawbenches can be operated as single systems or in connection with saws, shears, straightening machines, chamfering machines etc. as a production line.

There are 
1. Chain-track drawbenches, 
 2. Hydraulic drawbenches and 
 3. Drawbenches with rack and pinion drive.  

The decision on the drawbench drive depends on the production demand.  

Single-die drawbench

The photo shows an example of the drawing slide of a drawbench, which runs precisely on the linear guide and which is moved by means of a double chain. 

This allows a precise, jerk-free pulling. The possible pulling forces are up to 1500 kN. 

Triple-die drawbench

The triple-die drawbench allows simultaneous drawing of three bars (round or profile) or tubes. 

Simultaneous processing enables a threefold faster work process. This is particularly advantageous for larger lots.