Peeling machines

Precision peeling machines for the production of bright steel in tolerances h8 / h9 in the diameter range from 8 to 450 mm. 
 Depending on requirements, it can be produced from ring-on-ring, ring-on-bar or bar-on-bar. 
 In combination with saws, shears, straightening machines, chamfering machines, etc., complete production lines result. 
EJP has two series of peeling machines. 
 1. PM Series 
 2. HS Series 

 All EJP peeling machines consist of the following main components: 
 1. Slide-in device 
 2. Inlet guide 
 3. Peeling head with drive and adjustment 
 4. Exit guide 
 5. Laser measuring system 
 6. Pull-out carriage 
 7. Transport apparatus   

PM Series

The PM range is based on the latest developments and features the unique, patented PM peeling head. 

In contrast to all competitor systems, the PM pealing head adjustment is rotary and thus enables maximum stability, regardless of the machined diameter.  In the PM series, the compensation of the cutting insert wear occurs automatically. For this purpose, a laser measuring system is used.  

HS Series

In contrast to the PM series, the HS series has no automatic adjustment. 

The displayed wear must be compensated by manual adjustment. The less expensive HS series is recommended for larger diameters or products with larger diameter tolerance.

1. Slide-in device

The inserter consists of four large rolls driven by servomotors. 

The drive takes place directly or via transfer case. This results in a precise synchronization of the material feed with the drawer. This is also driven by a servomotor. Hydraulic cylinders with servo valves ensure precise and powerful holding of the material to be peeled. The hydraulic pressure can be set from the control panel and is stored in the recipe control. Easy access to the rolls for quick change is given. A hydraulic clamping of the rolls is available as an option.

2. Inlet guide

The inlet guide is a sturdy guide system for precise feeding of the black material to the peeling head. 

The rolls are made of tool steel for long life. The use of roll holders with runners makes it easy to replace the rolls. The inlet guide has disc spring units to compensate for diameter variations and out-of-roundness of the starting material. The concentric adjustment of the inlet guide is done by handwheel or servomotor.

3. Peeling head with drive & adjustment

The peeling head has an adjustment made by the rotation of the inner ring.

As a result, a unique stability of the tool holder is achieved. These form a line with the mounted replaceable cutting inserts, the outer ring of the peeling head and the machine housing. As a result, the usual microvibrations are prevented. An absolute concentration of all four tool holders is achieved by dispensing with mechanical adjusting elements on the peeling head. The peeling head is driven by a high-performance gearbox. It is powered by a three-phase motor.

4. Exit guide

The exit guide serves for the precise guidance of the peeled material after the peeling head.

It has a double material guide. The peeled material is guided directly after the peeling head through shell-shaped sliding shoes made of brass bronze. It is then held in place by rolls of tool steel before leaving the exit guide. The concentric adjustment of the outlet guide is done by handwheel or servomotor.

5. Laser system

All EJP peeling machines have a high-precision laser measuring system for permanent monitoring of the achieved peeling result. 

With PM peeling machines an automatic compensation of the occurring tool wear takes place. This will ensure that the desired pre-set product tolerance is maintained until the inserts are replaced. For HS peeling systems, the compensation of the occurring tool wear occurs by manual adjustment.

6. Pull-out carriage

The pull-out carriage has hydraulic cylinders with servo valve for precise and powerful holding of the peeled material. 

The hydraulic pressure can be set from the control panel and is stored in the recipe control. Clamping jaws made of polished tool steel ensure damage-free clamping of the peeled material. The drive is done by servomotor. This allows a precise synchronization of the material transport with the slide-in device, which is also driven by servomotors.  

7. Transport apparatus

The transport apparatus consists of two precision rolls, of which one roll is driven. 

As soon as a bar has left the exit guide, it is taken over by the transport apparatus. The task of the transport apparatus is to transport the bar to the outlet roll table.


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